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PA Hire

If we're not gigging and have nothing better to do, you may be able to hire our system for your gig/event. We run a top-of-the-range 4kw RCF rig with lighting, engineer and top quality mics. This is without doubt one of the best sounding rigs money can buy capable of scaling to large indoor venues and outdoor events, coupled with 20+ years of live engineering experience to ensure a clean, crisp and punchy live sound. All you need is your backline. The kit list:

RCF 4PRO 8003-AS 1000w 18" Subs
RCF ART 725-A 750w 15"/2" Tops
16/4 Multicores upto 30m
Presonus StudioLive 16:4:2 Digital Desk
Shure/SE/AKG Microphones
Stands, Rim Clips & Cables
State of the art DMX/LED Lighting plus Lasers
Backdrop Stand (if required)
Wharfedale EVP-X15P/X12P 400w Wedge Monitors
RCF NX12-SMA 700w Wedge Monitor

We can also do 24 (48kHz) or 12 (96kHz) track live recording with our Alesis HD24 to provide post-gain, direct-out WAVs for offline mixing and overdubs.

Contact Alex for more info - 07920 297785 or Email

Please note we do NOT do dry hire.