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Our Gear...

The Whatev's run a top notch RCF PA with a Presonus StudioLive digital desk and Wharfedale monitors. We also use a state of the art DMX/LED lighting rig and may use pyros on special occasions if you let us gaffer tape the smoke alarms up :-) We have a fleet of Land Rovers so even if you book us to play on the top of a mountain and you've got 2ft of snow we'll still arrive for the punctual delivery of rock.

Lindsay uses whichever microphone feeds back least on the night and demands a plentiful supply of quality European lager and interestingly flavoured sambuca. She also has a mic stand which looks like a lava lamp.

Alex plays several guitars. One of them is yellow and someone forgot to paint the other one. He uses an Axe FX 2 with RCF wedges.

Garry has many basses with varying numbers of strings, some pedals and a Mark Bass stack. He also does a great reggae version of Sex on Fire.

Andy plays a DMX-enabled acrylic ChequerPlate custom drum kit with lots of cymbals. He built our rehearsal studio with his bare hands using bricks and stuff and has a habit of breaking headphones.

J is our splendid sound engineer. He could probably mix oil and water if he wanted to...